Islamic Center for PEACE


          Promoting Education, Cooperation, and PEACE

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


Imam Mohamed Al-Darsani

Islamic Center for PEACE (Imam and Directer) -

Imam Mohamed Al-DarsaniCurrently Mohamed Al-Darsani is the Imam and founder of the Islamic Center for PEACE in Fort Myers, Fl. He has held this position since the centers founding in May 2005.

As the Imam and President of the Center he overseas and directs all functions regarding Islamic Studies, Community Outreach Programs, Interfaith Dialogues, faith based counseling and consulting, as well as conducting worship services.

Imam Al-Darsani is fluent in Arabic and English and conducts all religious ceremonies in both languages to insure that American and non-Arabic speaking Muslims and those interested in Islam are able to learn about and grow in Islam.

His teachings emphasize on the spiritual aspects of Islam and he uses unique and innovative ways of reaching out to the local community.

In 2004 Imam Al-Darsani co-produced a documentary to spread the universal message of Islam. This documentary is titled “Islam: Seekers of Knowledge” was aired on Bridges TV. The documentary in its entirety is available at no charge on the Islamic Center for PEACE’s website

Islamic Center of South West Florida (Imam and Vice President) -

From 1996-2002 Imam Al-Darsani was the Imam and vice-president of the Islamic Center of South West Florida. He spearheaded the operations and oversaw the completion and establishment of the first Mosque in South West Florida.

Credentials (Educational and Professional) -

His Islamic Education started at the age of 7 and has been a lifelong endeavor. His thoughtful study and analysis of the teachings of scholars and learned theologians make him a tremendous community asset.

Imam Al-Darsani’s holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Louisiana Tech Univ. Prior to immigrating to the United States he attended Damascus University’s College of Civil Engineering (SYRIA).

From 1992-1995 he was one of the founding members of United We Stand Florida and sat on the board of directors for United We Stand’s presidential campaign in Florida.

Has owned two Small Businesses and managed a condominium development project in Fort Myers.

Personal Information (Family) -

 Imam Al-Darsani is married to an American born Muslim Convert and he has four children and one grandchild all born in the United States.