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Islam: Seekers of Knowledge ICP Production

Islam: Seekers of Knowledge:

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As part of our Islamic Outreach program, Islam: Seekers of Knowledge was shot in 2004 and premiered on Bridges TV in August of 2005.

In this documentary, we take a look at the remarkable legacy of the former Grand Mufti of Syria to establish a dialogue between East and West, and spread the universal message of Islam. We see the continuation of his work through The Sheikh Ahmed Kuftaro Foundation, named in his honor, and now headed by his son, Sheikh Salah Kuftaro.

Sheikh Ahmed Kuftaro was a voice for tolerance and unity, loved and respected by both Moslems and Non-Moslems throughout the Islamic world, yet, he was barely heard in the West. Our camera was there when the Grand Mufti passed away and witness to his funeral which was a historic event attended by an estimated 700,000 mourners of every faith.

The program also includes interviews with students studying at Abu Nour from North and South America, Europe and Asia, as well as with Sheikh Salah, the Bishop of the Syrian Catholic Church, and Dr. Robert H. Schuller. The each discuss their personal experiences caught up in current East-West events, the relationship of Islam and Christianity, and the importance of knowledge and faith in the path of Islam.