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Documentary and Lecture night...

Get educated on modern issues that surrounding Islam? ICP Production

Every second and fourth Friday of every month we hold a documentary screening or a lecture at the Islamic Center for PEACE.Cres Moon

Everyone is invited and there is no charge for attendance. The intent is to educate ourselves about modern and local issues and to discuss what Islam says about them. It is important to stay informed about the world we live in and to arm ourselves with the knowledge necessary to live in our society while still upholding our Islamic Values.

If you have suggestions as to a film you wish to have screened or have a guest speaker in mind please let us know so that we can review your request.

Additionally every fourth Friday of the month we will hold a pot luck diner prior to the lecture or screening. So please bring food!

Directions (CLICK)
Fort Myers
Every 2nd Friday Night from 6:30-8:30
Every 4th Friday Night from 6:30-9:30 (BRING FOOD)
Fort Myers Location
Islamic Center for PEACE
2056 Linhart AVE
Fort Myers, FL 33901

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