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Terror, Islam, and America

Terror in America, and Islam's role! ICP Production
Oklahoma City BombingThis is a four hour seminar that focuses specifically on Terrorism and Islam's view and role in terror. This Course is taught by a former U.S. Military Intelligence Professional and digs deep into how terrorist attacks are planed and carried out.

This course is intended to be an educational experience that gives you the basic skills required to identify strange behaviors and key identifiers that are commonly associated with terrorist and organized crime rings.

If you would like to host this seminar for your organization please e-mail Mohamed T. Al-Darsani to schedule the event.

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Fort Myers Naples
Fort Myers Location
Islamic Center for PEACE
2056 Linhart AVE
Fort Myers, FL 33901
Naples Location
Naples Regional Library
650 Central AVE
Naples FL,

Islam a Religion and a way of Life Course Material
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