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Thursday Q&A

Come ask all of your questions about Islam? ICP Production

Join us every Thursday night. We will be addressing the community at large concerning their fears, misunderstandings, and general questions surrounding Islam and Muslims.Cres Moon

Everyone is invited and there is no charge for attendance. It is recommended that you let us know you are coming (E-Mail ICP) however it is not required.

Directions (CLICK)

At a Glance: What will we discuss?

This will mainly be a question and answer session. You are encouraged to participate and to engage the panel. Some topics may include.

What is Islam?

Who was Muhammad (PBUH)

Is Islam a radical faith?

Does Islam call for the destruction of the west?

What is Jihad?

Who are Muslims?

The Objective:

Refute misunderstandings and misinformation about Islam such as those presented by the media and other misleading outlets.

Fort Myers
Every Thursday Night from 6:30-8:30
Fort Myers Location
Islamic Center for PEACE
2056 Linhart AVE
Fort Myers, FL 33901

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