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Jesus in Islam

What does Islam say about Jesus? ICP Production
CrossLearn the basics of what Islam says about Jesus! Are you aware that Islam acknowledges Jesus and are you aware that Islam says Jesus will return? We invite you to find out more and to explore why Islam says what it does about Jesus.

We will dig into the bible as well as the Quran and explore the differences and similarities between Islam and Christianity.

This series will be taught over the course of Four weeks and all are welcome to attend.

Check Below for dates, times, and locations! Plus don't forget to download the course material!

We request you e-mail us if you wish to attend but it is not required
Fort Myers
04 June 2008 6:30-830 PM (Part 1)
11 June 2008 6:30-830 PM (Part 2)
18 June 2008 6:30-830 PM (Part 3)
25 June 2008 6:30-830 PM (Part 4)
Fort Myers Location
Islamic Center for PEACE
2056 Linhart AVE
Fort Myers, FL 33901

Jesus in Islam Course Material
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