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Please take time to preview our program selection. All dates and locations are listed however if you are interested in hosting an event you may contact us and we will work with you to make it possible. 

Program Information...
Islam: a Religion and A Way of Life

The Islamic Center for PEACE hosts and presents a series of classes designed to educate non Muslims about Islam and the Middle East. The Course covers topics ranging from Women in Islam, The Prophet, Jihad, and Islamic History. All classes are provided free of charge and everyone is welcome.

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Terror, Islam, and America!

This course is designed to educate the public about Terrorism, Islam, and how we can better protect America by working together. The Seminar will cover areas ranging from: What is Terrorism, How to identify possible terrorist activity, How to protect yourself, What does Islam say about Terrorism, and Islam's role in America.

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Jesus in Islam...

We welcome everyone from all faith Groups to attend this wonderful series to understand Jesus role in Islam. This four week course is prepared in such a way that you will have a good understanding of how and why Islam views Jesus the way it does.

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Thursday Questions and Answers about Islam...

Every Thursday night the Islamic Center for PEACE hosts and conducts a Q&A session for the local community. The event is dedicated to addressing the communities curiosity and concerns about Islam.

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Documentary and Lecture Night...

On the second and fourth Friday of every month the Islamic Center for PEACE hosts a documentary screening or Lecture about Islam or related to Islam or local issues. Following the screening or lecture there will be group discussions about the nights event.

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