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Islam: A Religion and A Way of Life 


Imam Mohamed Al-Darsani

2056 Linhart Ave.

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This course provides an introduction to Islam and the Muslim World, the beliefs, including the social, political, and spiritual aspects. Topics included are: the life of Prophet Mohammad, the Holy Qur’an, the historical development of the Muslim community, and sources of Islamic law. This course also touches upon the impact of Islamic civilization in the Middle Ages on the European Renaissance, contemporary Islamic movements after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the role and status of women in Islam and a closer look at the current conflicts between East and West.


a.    Deeper understanding of the religion of Islam, The Muslim World, and The Role of Women

b.    The commonalities and differences between Muslims and People of the Book, (Christians and Jews)

c.    The future relation between Islam and the West, the causing factors for what is known as (Fundamentalism and Terrorism), discernment between “Clash of Civilization” and “Clash of Interest”


1.    presentations by the instructor, group discussions, Multimedia presentations

2.    videos

3.    Guest Speakers. 


1.    The Holy Qur’an Translation: by Abdullah Yousef Ali. Or

2.    Islam in focus, by Hammudah Abdalati. Or:


Subjects and Dates of Presentations

1. Class 1                 

- General introduction to Islam

- Islam as a monotheistic religion

- Pillars of Islam and Pillars of the faith

 - Beliefs and Acts of Worship

 - The Performance of the Acts of Worship

 - Values and Morals

- Sources for Islamic laws and creeds

2. Class 2

 - The Quran (God’s last revelation to mankind)

 - Main Source of Islamic Laws

 - The revelation and the compilation of the Quran

 - The preservation of the Quran

 - Miracles of the Quran

3. Class 3                   

- Mohammad (PBUH), God’s last prophet and messenger

- A Brief biography

- The start of the revelation

- The migration to Madinah( Alhijrah)

- The struggle and return to Makkah

- His morals and ethics

- Prophetic Traditions (Sunnah and Hadeath)

- The second source of Islamic Laws

- Samples of the saying of the prophet.

- Mohammad (PBUH) in the Bible.

- Video 

4. Class 4                  

 - Islamic History

 - The leader ship after the death of the prophet (Alkhilaphah)

 - Islamic civilizations and contributions

 - The Crusade

 - Video

5. Class 5             

 - The role and status of women in Islam                                     

 - Marriage, Divorce and Polygamy

 - Inheritance Rules

 - Past and modern roles of women in Islamic societies

 - Discussions.


6. Class 6              

 - Main branches of Islam (Sunni, Shi’a…)

 - Islamic views of other religions

 - Current affairs

 - Jihad

- Terrorism

- Discussion